Q. Why aren’t my notes syncing on iOS 8?
A. In iOS 8, Apple introduced a new feature called iCloud Drive. If you choose to upgrade your iCloud account to use iCloud Drive, devices using iOS 7 will no longer sync notes to iCloud. To ensure your notes sync properly, please ensure all devices are using the same version of iOS.

Q. My previous Notes and Tags (Pro Version) no longer appear, what happened to them?
A. Sign out of you iCloud account on your device and sign back in and see if that fixes the problem. Some users have reported random disconnection from iCloud without notification or error messages being displayed.

Q. When I add a new device, my notes from iCloud don’t show up right away.
A. When you connect a new device, it takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes for the app to make and confirm it’s connection with iCloud (depending on your signal strength). Since there is no way for us to know when this connection is successful, we cannot automatically refresh your screen to show current notes. The best way to get your notes to show up is by exiting and re-entering the app after a minutes or so, or start adding notes as your normally would.

Q. I can’t share a photo via Messages from PhotoFlip!
A. Network limitations can sometimes prevent certain sharing capabilities in iOS. Your device will automatically know if it has the signal strength to share a photo via Email, Messages, Twitter or Facebook.

Q. When I email a photo, the recipient says the photo was embedded in the email instead of being an attachment.
A. You can have single or multiple photos attached to emails by using the Select function in the thumbnail view. The Select functionality, along with Tags and Note/Tag Search, are powerful features found in PhotoFlip! Pro.

Q. Does PhotoFlip! upload or duplicate my photos?
A. No, all it does is store your notes on your phone or in your iCloud account, depending on which option you chose when you ran PhotoFlip! the first time.

Q. I’m concerned about my privacy. Does PhotoFlip! require registration or collect any user data?
A. No registration is required and no data is collected whatsoever.